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Taste the Golan

The sitting chef and Liat his wife invite you to their home in Qela Alon in the Golan Heights

for an unforgettable experience of hospitality, company and unforgettable taste or in short,

Authentic Golani hospitality! 

To tasted everything the Golan Heights has to offer 

 the people, the colors, the textures and the flavors.

In the summer we host in the backyard and by the pool.

And in the winter the sitting chef and his wife Liat open their home, and meals are held in front of the open kitchen of the sitting chef and Liat.

"On the fire" with the sitting chef

"On the fire" That's what they call to bbq in israel

זוג בסדנת על האש עם השף

A constructive and delicious experiential workshop!

A workshop that is a meal,

where you will start by preparing the meal (The number of dishes that we will prepare alone depends on the number of participants).

We impaled a large shawarma skewer to rotate on the grill We will prepare arias starting from the stage of preparing the meat, how much fat and with what to season when we finally close the dish in the smokehouse or on the grill. We will learn to make homemade hummus and other special salads. And how is it possible without a dessert dish that you will also prepare yourself. At the end of the preparations you will sit, eat and enjoy your handiwork.

A culinary experience for couples and groups at the house of the sitting chef

Planning a trip in the north?

With family, friends, work team or maybe a romantic trip?

Instead of eating at a restaurant like everyone else,

 The resident chef and his wife Liat invite you to stay at their home for a meal

which is an experience of hosting company and fine food

or in short -

Authentic Golani hospitality!

*must be ordered at least 24 hours in advance

Taste the Golan in one evening


Taste the Golan in one evening.
From the quality raw materials
And the freshest that the Golan Heights and the Galilee have to offer.
the fish from the Dan,
The meat of the Golan, the vegetables and fruits of the farmers of the Galilee and the Golan,
Along with the excellent boutique wine of bazelet H'Golan  Winery  unlimited,
And together with the stories of the sitting chef about life, the dishes and whatnot
Between them they create an evening that is an authentic Golan experience.
*at least-10 dishes as a surprise

The evening is suitable for anyone who loves good food,
Wine and interesting company. Vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers, everyone
You are invited to taste the Golan in the evening

Boutique events

חצר עם שולחנות

Boutique events
The sitting chef. invites you to celebrate at his place in the summer in the garden by the pool in front of the amazing sunset.

We will decide together the menu and the concept, choose the boutique wines and the designs, and on the day of the event you will arrive as guests to your event.

All you have to do is contact the resident chef and reserve the date for the perfect event which is a culinary experience

Up to 100 guests

Produces events to accompany from the moment of the order until the end of the event.

Extensive experience in producing boutique events.

A customized menu with an attached chef.

A special culinary experience

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